Varadero offers extensive and diversified experience in the world of dredging, ports, marine infrastructure and coastal construction, offshore and onshore structures.

We are specialized with highly qualified professionals in the fields of strategic planning, quality assurance, management and engineering.

We can offer solutions to complex problems, whereby the emphasis is upon quality, transparency, delivery and reliability.

Varadero is a local market leader in dredging. Our activities include the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, coastal defense and land reclamation. We provide related engineering and other specialist services, such as, soil improvement and land remediation.


Varadero Sets a New Standard for Beach Cleaning. Screened-clean beaches are the new standard in beach cleaning!  For those who are serious about a safe and healthy beach, raking is simply not good enough.  With Cherrington Screeners  used by Varadero you can aerate the sand and screen out dangerous debris hidden under the surface in addition to picking surface litter better than a surf rake – all in one efficient beach cleaning pass!

Expectations are higher than ever and Cherrington Beach Cleaner’s innovative power screening design gives you a deep down screened-clean beach, so you can deliver the kind of memorable beach experience beach patrons are looking for.