Haul & Launch

Conveniently located to fit your every need.

Long Term Storage

Varadero has many benefits to long term storage. Find out how you can get your First Month Free Storage


Budget Marine is Nearby

Enjoy a close proximity to great prices for all your boating needs. Find out more at http://www.budgetmarine.com/ 

Hurricane Free Zone

Aruba is located outside the Hurricane Belt. We have been hurricane free for over 50 years.

Longterm Storage

Varadero Aruba also offers an entrepôt area. This means that time spent in the long term storage area  will be exempt of the 180 day limit. We have also doubled our storage capacity to 400 boats  and can now offer a more economical price per foot.

Protective Reef

Varadeo has a natural protective reef that guarantees safe dockage & storage

400 Dry Berths & 70 Wet Slips

The Safest Protective Reef in the Caribbean.

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Varadero Caribe has over 15 years experience catering to all your boating needs.

"Varadero Aruba is my favorite stay in the entire Caribbean. They offer all the comforts of the USA and have the capacity, network to accommodate and facilitate all your boatyard needs. I have experienced some incredible fishing just a 'stones throw' from the marina. One memorable trip, we released 25 sailfish in one day!"

− Jimmy Grant